Good day, glad to see you on the page of our cafe Nalivki.

A small cozy cafe in the historical center of Moscow. We are located in the building of an old apartment house on the First Spasonalivkovsky lane — a street in the center of Moscow on Yakimanka between the streets of Bolshaya Polyanka and Bolshaya Yakimanka, near two metro stations: Oktyabrskaya koltseva and Polyanka.

Because of the unique layout of the hall, our Chef is always in front of you, you can enjoy a virtuoso cooking and snacks.

Remove a small cafe for a birthday or anniversary in Moscow, not everyone can afford, we also offer original cuisine at prices below market almost 2 times

In the first half of the XVIII century called Tarakanov lane — by the name of the landlord, in the XIX — early XX centuries — Bolshoy Spassky, built in the XVII century Church of the Spasa Preobrazheniya in Nalivkah (before the demolition was at the corner of the 1st Spasonalivkovsky and Kazan lanes). The present name was given in the beginning of XX century in the area of Nalivky, in which the Church was built. According to one version, the area was named after the village (allegedly named after the groves, which were called liqueurs), founded by Vasily III for his bodyguards, and in the XVI century passed to the Streletskaya Sloboda. According to another version, the village arose on the site of a tavern, which poured alcohol to foreigners and Sagittarians. It is most likely that the area got its name from the local geographical term (for example, dialect flood — "floodplain, lowland coast", flood meadow — "flood meadow").